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Yes Sir!: Himchans Twitter Update [Trans] 

There’s a saying that no news is good news so I’m so sorry saying this to you guys. I’ve been watching and listening to everything you babyz have been saying.

I’m truly sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier. It took a while trying to figure out how to tell this to you and how to make this less…


130213 B.A.P - "Rain Sound" + "NO MERCY" @ Gaon Charts K-Pop Awards

Playing soldier with Jong Up and Youngjae

He starved himself and lost weight just to make it in the industry, to do what he loves, he just wanted to become a star and to be loved by his fans. Now, some of these fans call him useless because he doesn’t have a bigger part in the songs opposed to his other members. He is multi-talented, he can play many traditional instruments, he can sing, he can dance, he has a wonderful and confident personality and he takes care of his members well. He is not useless and will never be.